Palm Bay Beach Houses

Beautiful one-bedroom, one-bath homes located oceanside on the northeastern coastline of Brazil in the charming town of Canoa Quebrada, Ceara. One of fastest growing tourism regions in Brazil.

The Developer

Established in 1999, Impar Engenharia Ltd ( has grown to become one of the most respected real estate developers in Brazil with more than 3,500 units delivered—both residential and commercial. Throughout its 24-year history, Impar, a debt free company with a proven track record, has been able to build and maintain strong relationships with its clients and partners thanks to its commitment to integrity, honesty, service and quality. Impar continues to develop, innovate and offer new real estate products in prime and in-demand locations along Brazil’s northeastern coastline.


Project Location

The Palm Bay Beach Houses are situated on the northeastern coast of Brazil in the state of Ceará , just 20 minutes from Canoa Quebrada, 20 minutes from the town of Aracati (a population of around 75,000), and 90 minutes from the state capital, Fortaleza — Brazil’s 5th largest city.

Further, residents have access to nearby amenities like a supermarket, shopping mall, pharmacy, and hospital in the municipality of Aracati.

The community is easily accessible to international and domestic visitors.

Access to domestic tourists has been improved with the recent expansion and renovation of CE-40, the main highway that runs along the east coast.

As tourism grows so does the increase in short-term rental demand.

With the development that's taken place, the capital appreciation upside in this region is strong.

Plus, as more Brazilians travel to this region, the demand for second homes will increase further driving up property values.

The Beach Houses

The Palm Bay Beach Houses are situated directly on the most desirable stretch of beachfront in the area.

The bungalow units, sized at 57 square meters (614 square feet), will feature one bedroom with ensuite bathroom along with modern kitchen area that opens up to a combined living space. Each unit also has terrace area perfect for grilling and entertaining guests. An optional pool is available as well.

High-quality, locally-sourced materials and finishes that are designed to weather the coastal climate will used in the construction of these units.

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