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Infrastructure is moving along at a good pace. The community is located in an area that’s rapidly developing including a new airport and a newly expanded highway—improving accessibility to tourists. Then you’ve got a growing demand for tourism and vacation homes in the region driving up the price of land.

With the development that’s taken place, the capital appreciation upside in this region is strong. Availability is of beach lots is limited along this beautiful stretch of golden-sand beaches with warm turquoise waters.

The Developer

Established in 1999, Impar Engenharia Ltd ( has grown to become one of the most respected real estate developers in Brazil with more than 3,500 units delivered—both residential and commercial. Throughout its 24-year history, Impar, a debt free company with a proven track record, has been able to build and maintain strong relationships with its clients and partners thanks to its commitment to integrity, honesty, service and quality. Impar continues to develop, innovate and offer new real estate products in prime and in-demand locations along Brazil’s northeastern coastline.


Project Location

This beachfront development is situated on the northeastern coast of Brazil in the state of Ceara, just 15 minutes from Canoa Quebrada, 20 minutes from the town of Aracati (a population of around 75,000), and 90 minutes from the state capital, Fortaleza - Brazil’s 5th largest city.

With its close proximity to Canoa Quebrada, one of Ceará’s most popular tourist destinations, the development has access to many great restaurants, supermarkets, shops, and tourist activities like dune buggy rides, kite surfing, diving, paragliding, ATV 4x4 tours, raft rides, boat trips and of course several of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches.

The community is easily accessible to international and domestic visitors. You’ve got the international airport in Fortaleza, which recently expanded its number of direct international flights plus a newly opened airport in Aracati.

Access to domestic tourists has been improved with the recent expansion and doubling of the main highway that runs along the east coast.

The region is becoming popular among Brazilians and with improved access to the area tourism will spike.

This is the perfect "Path of Progress" property. Also, as more Brazilians travel to this region, the demand for second homes will increase further driving up property values and more demand for vacation rentals.


The Lots

Introducing: The Beach Estates is an eco-friendly beachfront community that integrates with the natural landscape and surrounding areas.

We have both direct beachfront lots, and beachside or beach-access lots located just one or two blocks from the beach with access and views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Brazil?

Brazil, one of world’s top emerging markets, has a stable yet growing economy boasting a US$3 trillion GDP (per capita US$15,153). The government is stable with no threats of domestic or international terrorism. Foreign investment is welcome as there are no foreign property ownership restrictions.

The strength of the dollar against the Brazilian Real along with a real estate market that’s undervalued presents a unique opportunity for investors looking to buy and hold property for appreciation and rental income.

From a capital appreciation perspective investors can earn from the increase in property value plus simple change in currency should the Brazilian real strengthen against the dollar.

On the flipside, you’ll be able to generate above average rental yields due to lower holding costs and expenses plus the overall initial investment (cost of lot, home construction, and furnishings).

It’s also important to recognize Brazil’s ongoing investment and initiatives to grow its tourism sector which translates into increased short-term rental demand and higher rental yields.

Additional information and statistics on Brazil that you should know:

  • Brazil has a population of around 202 million
  • It’s the fifth largest country in terms of area at 8.51 million square kilometers (689,498 square miles)
  • The main languages spoken are Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French and German are also spoken
  • The Brazilian Real (BRL) is the country’s currency
  • It has a GDP of US$3 trillion (per capita US$15,153)
  • Its major industries include: : textiles, shoes, chemicals, timber, iron ore, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, soya beans, orange juice, beef, chicken, coffee and sugar
  • Brazil’s main trading partners include China, United States, Argentina, Netherlands, Japan, Chile, Germany, India, and Mexico


Why invest in beachfront property in Ceará, Brazil?

Ceará is among the best places to invest in beachfront real estate due in part to the development taking place along the coast, the strength of the U.S. dollar against the real, and because rental income isn’t totally dependent on foreigners.

Infrastructure is developing. Tourism is trending up thanks to Brazil’s recent changes to their visa policy and the expansion of direct flights internationally to its capital city, Fortaleza.

More important, especially for you, is beachfront real estate prices here are a just a fraction of what you’d pay for comparable properties in, say, the Caribbean or Florida.

Global property investors, particularly North Americans, are starting to take notice ... and, from a real estate investment perspective, this region of Brazil is looking more and more like a modern-day gold rush.

Right now, at the current prices, it’s a buyer’s market but we’re not sure how long this will last given the amount of attention this part of Brazil is getting at the moment.


How is the weather in Ceará, Brazil?

Ceará, Brazil has a warm and dry tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 27°C (80°F) and over 3,000 hours of sun per year — it’s sunny 350 days of the year. Residents in this part of Brazil enjoy year-round ocean breeze. On top of that, due to the climate, this coast is free of mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects.


Why should investors buy in this development?

We have a track record with over 3,500 properties developed in the state of Ceará. Infrastructure is moving along at a good pace with roads in place and electricity installed to each lot meaning you can build almost immediately.

This development is located in an area that’s rapidly developing including a new airport and an newly expanded highway—improving accessibility to tourists. Then you’ve got growing demand for second-homes in the region driving up the price of land.


What are the ongoing expenses of owning a home in Brazil?

The cost of property ownership in Brazil is a fraction of what you’d pay in the U.S. or Europe.

Depending on your usage, you should expect to pay anywhere from US$50 up to US$150 per month for utilities including electric, water, and gas.

Also keep in mind that your expenses are in Brazilian Reals versus the dollar meaning that you’re able to take advantage of the strength of the dollar against the Real.


Can I buy property in Brazil without having to visit?

Yes. In fact, we’ve sold hundreds of properties to satisfied clients in the U.S., Canada and Europe who purchased without coming to Brazil - many of whom we can put you in contact to discuss their experience.

We have a very safe, easy, and straight-forward process for our clients who are buying from outside Brazil. Our experienced team will guide you through each step and ensure that you are kept fully informed throughout the buying process at all times. Further, we can refer you to an experienced law firm that specializes in international real estate transactions who can assist you as well.


Can I buy a property in Brazil through my IRA or 401K?

Yes, this is possible and we’ve done it for several clients already.


What are the typical closing costs associated with a property purchase?

Closing costs are around 5% of the purchase price including the title deed registration.


How long is the purchase time?

Purchases normally take no longer than two weeks to complete as the process is very simple and straight-forward.


How is my investment secured?

You will receive a free and clear deeded title to your property in your name. Brazil is one of the few countries that allows foreigners freehold ownership to both land and property in their own names.


What about legal matters?

We have a panel of experienced, English speaking lawyers to guide you through the entire purchase process including:

Verification of property title,
Checking for any charges and liabilities on the property,
Reviewing your contract and advising you on the obligation of both parties,
Helping you with processing payment/funds transfer,
Ensuring the property is registered in your name.


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